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April 25, 2007
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Updated I.S.S.Ares Crew by stourangeau Updated I.S.S.Ares Crew by stourangeau
Here are a few character designs for a Alternate Mirror Universe
to that that was portrayed in DS9.
In this Mirror Universe the Empire is alive and more Dark than
it was in the TOS episode Mirror Mirror.

The Empire never fell to the Klingon/Cardassian Alliance. Instead
it destroyed that alliance and went on conquering the universe.

Here are some of the Command Crew created so far for the
I.S.S. Ares

Admiral Picard.

I decided to go with what a few people suggested and gave him some of the Locutus Head Gear.

That head gear is removable, it along with some left over
Borg implants in his body in hance is strength and allows him
to tie directly into Imperial Equipment.

Captain Stone.

He was a Low level Lieutenant and his career was going no
where. He was part of Picards' Personal Guard on the Ent-D.
When Riker wanted to leave Picard when he was assimilated
Stone took Picards guards and beamed over to the Cube and
brought him back. After that show of loyalty, Picard
promoted him to chief of his Personal Guard.
Which did not sit well with Riker and his followers.

As Picard was promoted Stone moved up in the ranks.
When Picard made Fleet Admiral he promoted Stone
and his followers to postings on the Ares.

Since that was Picards' Flag ship Stone was given the
center seat for his career long loyalty to Picard.

Lt. Commander Rasmussen.

I introduce you to Lt. Cmdr. Amanda Rasmussen.
She is the Ares's Tactical Officer, Chief Body Guard
to Captain Stone, and his woman. The uniform you
see on her is the Dark Mirror version of the hazard suit.

*Note: Most of you have seen these from older images that
were posted in my gallery. I have updated/ redesigned their
uniforms, combadges & rank insignia. So I decided to
group them into one shot.
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